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Nicola is a Melbourne based designer who makes jewels and objects that explore organic forms, natural occurrences and our fascination with things dug up from the ground.

Her designs are inspired by a love of colour, Australia’s fascination with mineral resources and the current mining boom. The minerals she depicts however are not the deposits of nickel, iron ore or gold. They are beautiful intricate unique shapes - crystals, minerals, gemstones and rocks, creating a delicate tension between nature and destruction.

Working predominantly with sublimation techniques, the process of creating these objects aims to have little environmental impact. These minerals and crystals are not removed from the ground. Only their image is replicated.

Nicola holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong and is currently working as a graphic designer in Melbourne. All her pieces are designed and handmade in her home studio.

Visit and follow Nicola on tumblr for regular updates here.